Education ERP

An ERP e-governance solution for all types of educational institutions. Our aim is to provide a solution that enables institutions to meet the varying demand of education sector.

Mobile App

Mobile Apps to achieve a digital enablement of the institute and increase the efficient flow of information among the faculty, students and parents at any time for collaboration.

Consulting Services

Our Consultancy Services help you trace your software requirements and business problem areas which can be effectively managed by innovative software solutions.



Trusted Solution

  •   100% education

  •   Several installations

  •   ROI in 3 months

  •   Experience of several academicians


Product Offering

  •   Repository of best practices

  •   Easy customization

  •   Facilitated upgrades

  •   Covers complete student life cycle


Unmatched Benefits

  •   Seamless mapping of processes

  •   Enhanced efficiency

  •   Reduced cost

  •   Competency building


Adopting Technologies

  •   Mobile enablement

  •   Cloud Compatibility

  •   Advanced Analytics

  •   Biometric based information